Monday, October 10, 2011

Please Hire Me

I see a lot of people complaining about being unemployed for months and years. One lady said recently they would not hire her because she had not worked within the last six months. Although she had eight years of solid experience she had not worked within the last six months. I guess I am lucky in some ways; I have no college diploma and have always been employed. I have never made over fifty thousand dollars a year. The combination of a military pension and two jobs brought me close to fifty thousand dollars for a couple of years. I have never had anyone to pay my way and no savings to live on. I could never wait around for the job I used to have that paid me the wage I was used to making.
I have applied for dozens of jobs that I have not obtained. Employers can use any excuse within the law not to hire you. We all know life is not fair; not in the employment arena, not in the work place, in school, or our daily lives. Why should we expect anything more? But we can be fair to ourselves by getting out and going to work. At least we are out in the world exposing ourselves to people and opportunities around us. I never had one good opportunity knock on my front door and say follow me. If I am out in the world I can tell peopleI meet what my skills are and what I am looking for in the line of employment.
You know the folks down at the unemployment office know what you are looking for. How has that helped you? Are you working? No one is going to work harder to help you than you. So what if you have to work for a wage less than what you desire. At least you are making a living while looking for the job of your dreams. Until next time.

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